Tailscale on truenas core... should i?

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Feb 6, 2021

TLDR: should I persue Tailscale on TrueNAS core or embark on the headache of migrating to scale?

Long version:

Apologies, I am a technoweenie trying to make sense of these things.

I have a trueNAS core working nicely and I want to expose it via VPN.

I was going with pfsense and openVPN but I was recently enlightened about Tailscale. It appeals, as the impetus for the VPN is to create a share that even bigger technoweenies than me can use and I think the openVPN stuff will explode their heads before they get it working.

However my reading suggsts that it's a pain to get working on freeBSD even in a jail. Is that still the case, and would you recommend switching to trueNAS scale if Tailscale is a priority?

Or is Tailscale on the pfsense box exposing the NAS a better option?