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    I have problem with my pptp VPN client on MikroTik

    Hi, I have problem with my pptp VPN. Bellow there is my config that worked but doesen't work anymore. /ip firewall mangle add action=mark-routing chain=prerouting dst-address-list=Kancl in-interface=bridge1 new-routing-mark=Kancl passthrough=yes src-address-list=XPS /ip firewall nat add...
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    Tailscale on truenas core... should i?

    Hi TLDR: should I persue Tailscale on TrueNAS core or embark on the headache of migrating to scale? Long version: Apologies, I am a technoweenie trying to make sense of these things. I have a trueNAS core working nicely and I want to expose it via VPN. I was going with pfsense and openVPN...
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    Advise on server for Business Intelligence training

    Hi all I am currently in the process of starting up at consultancy within the data Engineering / Architecture and Business Intelligence area. One leg of my invisioned business would be training in the use of SQL Server, and excel, for analytics staff in larger companies. I would like to build...
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    Juniper SRX connection to NordVPN?

    Hi all: Got a hold of a Juniper SRX300 and pretty much everything I need, but I can't figure out how to configure it to establish a tunnel to NordVPN. I have this working on an Edgerouter (it's basically stock openvpn) but the SRX is a bit intimidating compared to what I'm used too. Anyone...
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    Simple Home Network Advice

    Hey all, I am looking for some guidance on my home network rebuild. Here are some details: I have a 400/20 mbit cable connection to the house My house is a ~1600sqft (i think) ranch with drywall and unfinished full basement All rooms are wired with cat5/6 I use a WNDR3700 with openwrt on it...
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    opnsense vpn performance - e3-1220

    I am considering using a Dell Poweredge R210 II as an opnsense firewall for my work lab. How much should this be able to handle of plain routing, vpn (ipsec? openvpn), ids etc. It has 16GB ram and a Xeon e3-1220 (4 core 3.1Ghz w/aes-ni) -jannis
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    FS: $500 2x Dell TZ400 SonicWALL

    Just moved over to all Meraki and have 2x TZ400's that I'm not going to use. Security/licences features listed in screenshot. Factory reset. FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) PM with any...