Supermicro X9DA7: update BIOS...who need DOS!


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Feb 24, 2012
Previously, I had used a modded BIOS v3.0 to "enable" boot from NVMe, documented here: NVMe boot with SuperMicro X9DA7

With the rig now being H20 cooled, I noticed Supermicro had a new BIOS v3.2.
I "modded" the BIOS, grabbed my trusty USB with FreeDOS & went to flash the BIOS

I tried FreeDOS, Win98 boot disks, multiple USB flash disks....nothing worked, the MB simply would not boot to DOS...:mad: :confused:
3 hours wasted :eek::(:mad:

Some googling led me to this, specifically, the last 2 posts by Tom (1/26/2015 ) and Jason (3/29/2015):

I used AfuEfix64.efi no ISO, no DOS, none of that crap needed...:)
The command in the ami file was "AFUDOSU.EXE %1 /P /B /N /K /R /FDT /MER /OPR"
I booted to the EFI shell, cd to fs0 & typed the following:
AfuEfix64.efi X9DA76.923 /P /B /N /K /R /FDT /MER /OPR
I got an error about /FDT not being a valid command.
The list of commands showed /FDR not /FDT
This blog post also had the /FDT error

I changed the command & a few minutes later, voila...FW update was complete!
Just to be safe, I did the power down, disconnect power cable, power on etc