Supermicro X11spa (some general questions)


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Mar 6, 2019
Hi. As narrated in other threads, I'm having a bad experience with the Epyc Rome platform. Most likely it is because I got a faulty motherboard, but since I have the chance of returning my Epyc Rome, to avoid further hassle I'm considering to switch to a Xeon scalable platform, since I found a Xeon 8153 at a reasonable price. The motherboard should be the X11SPA. I'm considering it over the Asus C621-64L since it has a dedicated ipmi. Allow me to ask you a couple questions.

1. I was under the impression that Supermicro boards were a bit picky about memory. Is that true? Would it accept my Samsung RDIMMs (they are not in the QVL, but they went fine on an X99 platform as well as the EPYCD8-2T).

2. It comes in two flavours X11SPA-T and X11SPA-TF, but I was unable to discern the difference, looking at the specs. Does anyone know it?



Dec 20, 2016
I've been using a Supermicro for the last few years for both my server and router. Have had great experiences with both. Highly recommend using a model with IPMI. It's been very helpful in a number of ways. Supermicro support can help with basic questions as well and is helpful. Overall, I would definitely buy another motherboard from them again.

1. I can't comment on the Samsung RAM, but I just chose the memory from the QVL and it's worked great. I haven't tried to change any default settings though. Try contacting Supermicro's sales or support to ask about your RAM, try to have specific model numbers.

2. The T means the motherboard has 10GB ethernet ports. The F stands for IPMI. You can see how Supermicro names their motherboards from the following Anandtech Review.
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