Supermicro C2758 vs C3758 SoC's and boards

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    Hi all,

    I've been using the Supermicro A1SRi-2758F for a few home server tasks, and I love its quietness due to low power consumption (I don't need a lot of power in my home servers). I'm considering purchasing a C3000 series Supermicro board, particularly one with a C3758 SoC.

    I've looked at CPU Passmark and the C2758 gets about 3500 (or thereabouts). The C3758 isn't present in the list, but the C3858 (12-core version) hits about 4500 in the benchmark. Performing a VERY rough extrapolation, I thing the imaginary CPU Passmarks for C2758 and C3758 would be about equal.

    Therefore, is there much of a performance advantage of the C3000 series over the C2000 series? Or is the advantage in the C3000 series in the improved board and other peripherals? Thanks for any advice.

    P.S. Yes, I am well aware of the bricking defect for the older steppings of the C2000 SoC's.


    Edit: I've just realized through discussion with another user that an X11SDV Xeon-D with 4 cores would be much more powerful and about the same price... not sure how easy it would be to keep cool and quiet however.
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    Depends what sort of "power" you're after; one of my servers has a C3758 in it and it's way more power than is needed for serving files, backups, etc. C3000 IPC was, IIRC, a marked improvement over the C2000s (in the region of 20-25% faster) and the power usage is minuscule, better even than my D1508. For most home server NAS loads the A2SDi-8C-HLN4F and similar models are difficult to beat - 4+8 onboard SATA means you might not even need to use an HBA.

    Given the bricking bug and the lack of IO on most C2000 boards I wouldn't consider buying one at this stage.

    If your workload wants strong single-threaded performance then a xeon-D or epyc 3000 is probably better suited but of course it really rather depends what you want to do.
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