STH Build a Server for Charity Log - Subtitle TBD :P

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Mar 28, 2012
Toronto, Canada
I'm excited to see that I, a relatively new forum member, have been approved for Round 1 of the Build a Server for Charity event.

I entered based a proposal of a low cost server that I was already planning on building regardless, and for that build I want to stay true to the idea of building a server with available retail parts that someone could fairly easily go and duplicate. However, I am also willing to do a second build on the same budget (financed myself) of a used gear system. With used gear I know it will be feasible to target server grade equipment, with basic features like ECC memory or VT-D support, that my retail build will unfortunately be missing.

I just want to check if anyone has used equipment they could share at a favourable price. I am especially in need to ECC memory (or a full MB, CPU, ram kit) and low cost storage (doesnt need to be big drives at all, but need to match up for some level of parity)

I expect the first updates on build 1 to be posted this weekend, including hopefully a selection of charity.


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Jan 16, 2013
What ever happened to this? Nothing happened? I was excited to see what your build would be.