Squid Proxy and Linksys Router: How to do it?


Jan 6, 2016
Based on my earlier thread i found that in order for me to get more reporting I need to setup a squid transparent proxy server of some sort.

Now how to do that within the confines of my network structure which is basically:

(Linksys ACM3200)
Router->LAN Switch->PC's

What i will have to do is have all traffic go:

Router->Proxy Server ->LAN Switch -> PC's

I think Squid Proxy with SARG reports will give me all the traffic info I need to see what is going on inside my network.

Now the only way to do this, I think is:

1. Setup a VLAN on the switch to have the proxy server be on one half of the network and have all the clients use the proxy server as the gateway out of the network.
2. Setup DHCP on the Proxy Server
3. Setup the Proxy Server and test.

How can I handle wireless traffic though as that's handled by the ACM3200 as I need it to talk back to my plex network and maybe fileshares....maybe. I really want all that traffic to be handled by the proxy server itself to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.

Am I over thinking things here?