Small server with Mac mini


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Mar 8, 2020

First thanks if anyone can gime some small advice, this is my first post.

I want to deploy 3 Small VM´s each one with it´s own ddns, SSl certificate, ssh & sftp.

They want it will be VM´s beacuse if they work as right, i want to manage the resources, CPU, RAM, HDD, etc or even move in a long future to another server easily.

The problem start with the small machine that a I have right know, is a MAC mini 2012 with catalina an 16 GB RAM. Catalina needs to stay because I NEED xcode.


1. What software for virtualization do you recommend me: Parallels, VMWare, VirtualBox?

2. Best way to manage the reverse proxy because I only have 1 PLUBIC - IP

3. Maybe is easy create a 1 VM and put inside 3 Nested VM´s?

This is gonna be my diagram, the only part I HAVE sure is the Greens Ones:

Any Goog advise it will welcome. thanks



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Jan 6, 2016
I use VMware but for your needed network setup you need the pro version not just the regular. Costs more.
Anyway for dev type usage seems to work well, never really thought about it as an actual server always on.