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    Beat Made From Mac Mini M1 Unboxing

    Not your ordinary unboxing video.. check it out: I was working on a macbook pro '12 for 6 years, now I finally have the speed I've been wanting for so long BWAHA.
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    Small server with Mac mini

    Hi! First thanks if anyone can gime some small advice, this is my first post. I want to deploy 3 Small VM´s each one with it´s own ddns, SSl certificate, ssh & sftp. They want it will be VM´s beacuse if they work as right, i want to manage the resources, CPU, RAM, HDD, etc or even move in a...
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    Dell Powerconnect 7048p Bind MAC to VLAN

    Hello all, I finally got around to upgrading to a PowerConnect 7048P from my netgear GS748TP (For sale if anyone is interested) primarily because it couldn't power my PTZ PoE camera. it also adds two 10GBE SFP ports and two 10GBE RJ-45 ports for uplinks. The switch is in place and working...
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    KTN-STL3 with 15 x 3TB on the would YOU configure?!

    Hey Everyone— I have a couple of EMC KTN-STL3 enclosures on the way with 45TB (15 x 3TB) in each. These will be replacing the RAIDs I have on both of my Mac Pro servers, which host my media archive in 2 different locations. The included 45TB is more than I need currently. My 2 servers currently...