Replace Drive With IOStat Error "S:0 H:5 T:1" ?

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    I have noticed for the past month that my fileserver has been slightly slower then normal. Sometimes certain full blu-ray ISO's even skip here and there when streaming. Last time this happen was when a drive started going bad, however that drive had tons of errors and failed smart tests.

    This particular drive has the following IOStat errors: S:0 H:5 T:1 However, smartinfo claims the drive is fine. If I restart the server, everything appears fine but then within a week or two the errors return slowly.

    Is this signs of a hard drive going bad? Also, what exactly does S H T stand for?

    Thank You!
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    These are messages/warnings from the driver/disk that are collected by iostat from boottime - not real errors
    like checksum errors or disk offline after too many problems. If they grow, this can indicate a real or future problem.

    Iostat -E, whats that all about? (The dot in ... --- ...)
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