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    WD RED HDD failed, but can PCB replacement fix it?

    My WD RED WD80EFAX HDD suddenly died last week: I shut down my Proxmox server, booted it up again and the drive started "clicking". It was clicking for a while, until it stopped and no longer does that. I did not receive any SMART warnings ahead of time, and looking back at the...
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    Urgent help and advice needed please, power supply suffered massive failure and now some of my drives are gone

    THANKFULLY, this wasn't my main server but it was a secondary server that I back the main one up to and it needs fixed ASAP. It was a 4U Rosewill server (RSV-L4412U), using a Gigabyte ATX board and a Seasonic power supply. It's been humming along for years with zero problems and then today, the...
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    Replace Drive With IOStat Error "S:0 H:5 T:1" ?

    Hello, I have noticed for the past month that my fileserver has been slightly slower then normal. Sometimes certain full blu-ray ISO's even skip here and there when streaming. Last time this happen was when a drive started going bad, however that drive had tons of errors and failed smart tests...