Realizing NAS-Storage using Proxmox


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Jul 27, 2018
Hello everyone,

I have discovered this forum just a few days ago, but are already blown away by the knowledge and kindness here :)

I am currently running Proxmox on an i5-4440 with 32GB non-ECC RAM with ZFS [4x 2TB-WD-RED in striped mittor (each mirror consists of 2 WD-RED) and a mirrored 250 GB SSD Pool]

Some days ago I decided to upgrade my CPU to an E3-1231v3 and to go with ECC-RAM. In order to accomplish this I bought a SuperMicro X10SL7-F. I also got 2 10Gbit Mellanox-2-X Cards to connect my proxmox host to my main workstation.

Until now my nas was a Win2016-VM which stores its data on a zvol on the striped-mirror hdd pool.
The windows server also acts as an AD-Server.

My Question is: How could I get the most out of my hardware in terms of network-share performance? I might get another two 2TB-WD-REDs and add them to the pool...

Any opinions / tips / tricks from you guys?




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Mar 17, 2016
Following on this idea - I'd like to have a STH guide on how to setup a NFS server on Proxmox using a ZFS pool.

For @Legotan jumbo frames and a private storage network will get you most of what you want.