RAID5 Array "Failed logical device segments"

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    Mar 3, 2016
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    I had a RAID 5 array of four 4TB drives on an Adaptec ASR-51245. I installed an extra four drives and added three of them to the array (with the fourth as a hot spare).

    The process of reconfiguring has been running now for some days and the RAID card just started screaming at me saying that the array is "Degraded Reconfiguring", while drive 0 (the 1st one) of the array is reporting "Failed Logical Device Segments". The reorganisation of the array appears to be continuing and I've managed to silence the alarm using Adaptec Storage Manager.

    I found the following in syslog:

    Oct 16 20:59:43 Charon smartd[935]: Device: /dev/sdb [aacraid_disk_00_00_0] [SCSI], SMART Failure: HARDWARE IMPENDING FAILURE TOO MANY BLOCK REASSIGNS

    and /usr/StorMan/RaidEvtA.log says:

    16 October 2018 22:52:56 BST WRN 301:A01C-S--L00 Charon.home Logical device is degraded: controller 1, logical device 0 ("Shared").

    So my question is should I be worried, and what if anything should I do next???


    Thanks in advance
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    Jan 6, 2016
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    Well I don’t know adaptec controllers in the last 15 years but this sounds like too many bad blocks on a drive , assume the drive will fail the array seems to be rebuilding the data on the other drives currently.

    I am assuming the ‘reconfiguring’ in the statement degraded reconfiguring is to say its rebuilding anyway.

    Any adaptec knowledgeable people here ?
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    You should be okay as long as you don’t have bad blocks within the same segments on two different drives. I’d replace that disk as soon as the transformation is done.

    Honestly, I would have transformed to a RAID6 for this exact reason. Hotspare would only help if you can rebuild the data in the first place.
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    This is such a dangerous operation.

    Before the reconfiguration, did you scrub all the data to make sure everything works great? Did you actually check if some of the drives are dying? (According to the message one drive is on its last days. ) Hot spare is not a good practice because it starts a dangerous operation (rebuild) automatically, putting stress on the whole array, and, would likely to cause another drive to fail without you even noticing it. And then the RAID 5.
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