Quiet 1p E5-2600 v4 server + workstation, will this work?

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Jul 28, 2017
Hi all,

I love the large number of slots on the X10SRi-F board and I plan to mount it in an ATX or E-ATX tower chassis and add dGPU, audio card (yes, I like these), and other cards. Considering that:
  • the chassis is quite large, i.e., Sliger Cerberus X ,
  • has room for a large Noctua chassis, e.g., NH-D15,
  • won't be loaded with any spinning HDD's (only a few SSD's; main storage supplied by NAS),
  • I'll be using a high quality PSU, such as a Seasonic SFX-L (SGX-650 or SGX-500),
it should be a fairly quiet server, no?

I intend to install a quiet dGPU, and an audio interface or two (or use a USB inteface). Essentially, it's the perfect server board to easily incorporate some workstation functionality. Nevertheless I want to keep the inside of the chassis pretty open so that airflow is uninhibited and the fans don't have to work too hard. What do you think?