Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

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Feb 9, 2014
I started this separate thread (per request) for future reference and discussion of the Quanta LB4M 48p gbE + 2x 10gbE sfp+ switch and this old ebay thread is the source.

I picked up three Quanta LB4M switches from an Omaha, NE eBay seller brandon-nettech. It was listed at $205 + free shipping. The 55 pound box that the three LB4M's arrived in was very well packed - bubble wrapped and packed tightly in styrofoam peanuts in a thick cardboard box.

These units seem very serviceable. Only two phillips screws to take the top lid off and 5 screws to remove the daughter card.

Here is the 900+ page pdf manual for this beast.

Pictures of the actual unit.

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Feb 14, 2013
Can you hook it up to a killawatt and report back power consumption?

How loud are those fans?


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Feb 9, 2014
Can you hook it up to a killawatt and report back power consumption?
I don't have a killawatt meter (yet) but now I've a good excuse to get one.

How loud are those fans?
Noise is always subjective but to me, the fans are really, really loud on startup although they slow down to 35% (per web GUI) once the system boots. These units' noise (running) is still enough for it to be heard on the other end of a phone call at 5 feet when I've been testing on the table as shown. I'll take some video and see how it comes through.


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Dec 21, 2010
Mine (allegedly) arrives tomorrow. We shall see. Very excited about this switch.


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Dec 21, 2010
Got the Extech sound meter and power meter. With one PSU active this is what I am seeing with the Quanta LB4M:


Idle no network active


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Feb 14, 2013
Got the Extech sound meter and power meter. With one PSU active this is what I am seeing with the Quanta LB4M:


Idle no network active
Yipes! That's pretty loud...good thing it'll be going to the colo haha


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Dec 21, 2010
Well... I had been thinking home lab for a bit. But yes, this is heading to the colo now :)


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Feb 15, 2014
It looks like the biggest stumbling block to running Indigo on the LB4m is the lack of U-Boot.

The flash image (lb4m_flash_0) does contain the bootloader, so if someone knows how to splice this flash properly we can replace it with U-Boot.

I've uploaded my flash rips here:
Index of /src/quanta-lb4m

If you have an LB4m that boots using U-Boot, then please contact me. I would like to have a copy of your flash image.

You can copy your flash image from the cisco-like console over tftp:
copy nvram:flash tftp://

Also it might be a good idea to start collecting different lb4m build flash images. Copy your nvram:image1 and nvram:image2 out as well and open the file with less (or whatever you view files with). Its binary, but toward the top you'll have a string like these:


These are the original filenames of the images flashed to the device. Some may have different features than others and it would be great to build a repository of what is available in the wild.
In response to the quoted post in the previous thread, I'm posting the flash contents from a unit purchased from brandon-nettech on eBay.

The images that I have seem to be a different revision than the ones that came with ewheelerinc's unit.

The file names on mine are H-Search-Ent-esw-lb4m-qc8541-V66S-CS-QHr1v1m1b8.opr and Ent-esw-xgs3-LB4M-dni8541-VSM-QHr1v0m2b17.opr and can be downloaded from this link.


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Feb 15, 2014
I'm looking for a way to get Indigo or some sort of OpenFlow capable image on this unit. No luck so far, but I thought I'd mention seems to be a lower level CLI available. Some output is below.

Reading diag_image.stk into memory
Attaching interface lo0...done

Adding 14854 symbols for standalone.


Copyright 1984-2002  Wind River Systems, Inc.

            CPU: Freescale MPC8541
   Runtime Name: VxWorks
Runtime Version: 5.5.2
    BSP version: 1.2/0
        Created: Aug 26 2008, 14:56:53
            WDB: Ready.

Timebase: 66.666666 MHz, MEM: 166.666665 MHz, PCI: 66.666666 MHz, CPU: 833.333325 MHz
SOC BIOS (VxWorks) Freescale MPC8541 vVxWorks5.5.2.
Kernel: WIND version 2.6.
Made on Aug 26 2008, 14:56:53.

Broadcom Command Monitor: Copyright (c) 1998-2005 Broadcom Corporation
Release: sdk-5.4.4 built 20080826 (Tue Aug 26 14:52:45 2008)
From 93010507@Q93010507-2:D:/projects/LB4M-DIAG-Broadcom/build
Platform: BMW (MPC8245/PPC603e) VxWorks 5.5.2
PCI unit 0: Dev 0xb514, Rev 0x01, Chip BCM56514_A0, Driver BCM56514_A0
PCI unit 1: Dev 0xb514, Rev 0x01, Chip BCM56514_A0, Driver BCM56514_A0
SOC unit 0 attached to PCI device BCM56514_A0

LB4M Topology is found

Set Higig Interfaces (27) to 10GE

Set Higig Interfaces (24, 25, 26) to 12Gbps (Higig+)
SOC unit 1 attached to PCI device BCM56514_A0

LB4M Topology is found

Set Higig Interfaces (27) to 10GE

Set Higig Interfaces (24, 25, 26) to 12Gbps (Higig+)
Set load balancing on Higig+ interfaces

Slot 1: No slot is plugged-in or unsupported slot is detected.

Loading Enhanced Network Driver... Done
Set IP Address to

     Diagnostic Test Main Menu v1.0 (LB4M VxWorks)

[1  ]  File Management
[2  ]  Board Information
[3  ]  Diagnostic Test
[4  ]  Manufacturing Test Mode Set
[5  ]  Test Error Log File Management
[6  ]  PING
[7  ]  Reset
[8  ]  For Vibration Test

 Enter your choice: (Ctrl-D pressed)

Diag Menu will be stoped!!

BCM.0> ??
Help: Type help "command" for detailed command usage
Help: Upper case letters signify minimal match

Commands common to all modes:
        ?                   Display list of commands
        ASYNC               Control BCM API Async daemon.
        BackGround          Execute a command in the background.
        CASE                Execute command based on string match
        CD                  Change current working directory
        CONFig              Configure Management interface
        CONSole             Control console options
        CoPy                Copy a file
        CPUDB               Update the CPU database
        CTEcho              Send an echo request using CPUTRANS
        CTInstall           Set up transport pointers in CPU transports
        CTSetup             Modify the CPUTRANS setup
        DATE                Set or display current date
        DBDump              Dump the current StackTask CPUDB
        DBParse             Parse a line of CPUDB dumped code
        DeBug               Enable/Disable debug output
        DeBugMod            Enable/Disable debug output per module
        DELAY               Put CLI task in a busy-wait loop for some amount of time
        DISPatch            BCM Dispatch control.
        Echo                Echo command line
        EDline              Edit file using ancient line editor
        EXIT                Exit the current shell (and possibly reset)
        EXPR                Evaluate infix expression
        FlashDownload       Download the flash image from FTP server
        FlashUpload         Upload the flash image to FTP server
        FOR                 Execute a series of commands in a loop
        Help                Print this list OR usage for a specific command
        HISTory             List command history
        HOST                Manipulate host name table
        IF                  Conditionally execute commands
        JOBS                List current background jobs
        KILL                Terminate a background job
        LOCal               Create/Delete a variable in the local scope
        LOG                 Enable/Disable logging and set log file
        LOOP                Execute a series of commands in a loop
        LS                  List current directory
        MKDIR               Make a directory
        MORe                Copy a file to the console
        MoVe                Rename a file on a file system
        NOEcho              Ignore command line
        Pause               Pause command processing and wait for input
        PING                Ping a host through OS stack
        PRINTENV            Display current variable list
        PWD                 Print platform dependent working directory
        RCCache             Save contents of an rc file in memory
        RCLoad              Load commands from a file
        REBOOT              Reboot the processor
        RM                  Remove a file from a file system
        RMDIR               Remove a directory
        RPC                 Control BCM API RPC daemon.
        SAVE                Write data to a file
        SET                 Set various configuration options
        SETENV              Create/Delete a variable in the global scope
        SHell               Invoke a system dependent shell
        SLeep               Suspend the CLI task for specified amount of time
        TIME                Time the execution of one or more commands
        Version             Print version and build information

Commands for current mode:
        ADC                 Show MAX127 A/D Conversions
        AGE                 Set ESW hardware age timer
        Attach              Attach SOC device(s)
        Auth                Port-based network access control
        BaseBoard           Configure baseboard system parameters.
        BIST                Run on-chip memory built-in self tests
        BPDU                Manage BPDU addresses
        BTiMeout            Set BIST operation timeout in microseconds
        CABLEdiag           Run Cable Diagnotics
        CACHE               Turn on/off software caching of tables
        CHecK               Check a sorted memory table
        CLEAR               Clear a memory table or counters
        CLOCKS              Set core clock frequency.
        COLOR               Manage packet color
        COMBO               Control combination copper/fiber ports
        COS                 Manage classes of service
        CounTeR             Enable/disable counter collection
        DAC                 Set DAC register
        DELete              Delete entry by key from a sorted table
        DETach              Detach SOC device(s)
        DmaRomTest          Simple test of the SOC DMA ROM API
        DMIRror             Manage directed port mirroring
        DSCP                Map Diffserv Code Points
        DTAG                Double Tagging
        Dump                Dump an address space or registers
        EditReg             Edit each field of SOC internal register
        EGRess              Manage source-based egress enabling
        FieldProcessor      Manage Field Processor
        Getreg              Get register
        H2HIGIG             Convert hex words to higig info
        HASH                Get or set hardware hash modes
        HClksel             Set I2C HClk (MUX for clock-chip-selects)
        HeaderMode          Get or set packet tx header mode
        I2C                 Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Bus commands
        IFConfig            Configure a SOC port for TCP/IP
        INIT                Initialize SOC and S/W
        Insert              Insert into a sorted table
        INTR                Enable, disable, show interrupts
        IPG                 Set default IPG values for ports
        IPMC                Manage IPMC (IP Multicast) addresses
        L2                  Manage L2 (MAC) addresses
        L2MODE              Change ARL handling mode
        L3                  Manage L3 (IP) addresses
        LCDMSG              Print message on Matrix Orbital LCD display (via I2C)
        LED                 Control/Load LED processor
        LINKscan            Configure/Display link scanning
        LISTmem             List the entry format for a given table
        Listreg             List register fields
        LOOKup              Look up a table entry
        MCAST               Manage multicast table
        MIRror              Manage port mirroring
        MODify              Modify table entry by field names
        ModMap              MODID Remapping
        Modreg              Read/modify/write register
        MTiMeout            Set MIIM operation timeout in usec
        MUXsel              Set I2C LPT state (MUX for clock-chip-selects)
        NVram               Manipulate Nonvolatile memory
        PacketWatcher       Monitor ports for packets
        PANIC               Set system panic mode
        PBMP                Convert port bitmap string to hex
        PHY                 Set/Display phy characteristics
        POE                 Configure PowerOverEthernet controllers.
        POESel              Set I2C POE (MUX for poe-chip-selects)
        PORT                Set/Display port characteristics
        PortRate            Set/Display port rate metering characteristics
        PortSampRate        Set/Display sflow port sampling rate
        PortStat            Display port status in table
        PPDclk              Show PPD clock delay
        PROBE               Probe for available SOC units
        PVlan               Port VLAN settings
        RATE                Manage packet rate controls
        RateBw              Set/Display port bandwidth rate metering characteristics
        RegCMp              Test a register value
        REMove              Delete entry by index from a sorted table
        RXCfg               Configure RX settings
        RXInit              Call bcm_rx_init
        RXMon               Register an RX handler to dump received packets
        SCHan               Send raw S-Channel message, get response
        SEArch              Search a table for a byte pattern
        Setreg              Set register
        SHOW                Show information on a subsystem
        SOC                 Print internal Driver control information
        STACKMode           Set/get the stack mode
        StackPortGet        Get stacking characteristics of a port
        StackPortSet        Set stacking characteristics of a port
        STG                 Manage spanning tree groups
        STiMeout            Set S-Channel timeout in microseconds
        STKMode             Hardware Stacking Mode Control
        StkTask             Stack task control
        SwitchControl       General switch control
        SYnth               Show synthesizer frequency
        TEMPerature         Show environmental conditions
        TRUNK               Manage port aggregation
        TX                  Transmit one or more packets
        TXCount             Print current TX statistics
        TXSTArt             Transmit one or more packets in background
        TXSTOp              Terminate a previous "txstart" command
        VLAN                Manage virtual LANs
        WARMBOOT            Optionally boot warm
        Write               Write entry(s) into a table
        XAUI                Run XAUI BERT on specified port pair
        XClocks             Configure clocks for PCI, SDRAM, Core clock
        XPoe                Communication with PD63000 PowerOverEthernet MCU.

Number Formats:
        [-]0x[0-9|A-F|a-f]+ -hex if number begins with "0x"
        [-][0-9]+           -decimal integer
        [-]0[0-7]+          -octal if number begins with "0"
        [-]0b[0-1]+         -binary if number begins with "0b"

BCM.0>  printenv

     Local Variables | Value
                   ? = 0

    Global Variables | Value
           firebolt2 = 1
         BCM56514_A0 = 1
               unit0 = 1
             devname = BCM56514_A0
              pcidev = 0xb514
              pcirev = 0x01
                unit = 0
BCM.0> baseboard
Usage (BaseBoard): Baseboard commands (bb) for I2C satellite devices
               bb board
                 - show board type detected
               bb clock [Core_A SDRAM_A Core_B SDRAM_B Turbo] value
                 - set specified clock speed.
               bb spread [Core_A SDRAM_A Core_B SDRAM_B Turbo] value
                 - value: 0=normal,1=-0.5%,2=+/-0.5%,3=+/-0.25%,4=+/-0.38%
               bb voltage [A B TRef PHY] [<volts>|calibrate|nominal]
                 - set voltage output, if not specified, value is displayed.
                 - if "calibrate" is specified, calibrate specified DAC.
                 - if "nominal" is specified, DAC set to mid-range.
               bb power
                      - computer power utilization.
               bb temperature Tp Tc
                      - trace temperature computation.
                        - Tp :PHY trace thickness.
                        - Tc :Core trace thickness.
               bb thickness  Tp Tc
                      - trace thickness computation.
                        - Tp :PHY trace temperature.
                        - Tc :Core trace temperature.
        NOTE: calibration of DAC is performed (automatically) only once.
BCM.0> baseboard board
Baseboard: XGS Firebolt BCM56504P24_00 Platform (type 12)
BCM.0> help shell
Usage (SHell): Parameters: None
        Invoke a platform dependent shell. This shell exits when the shell
BCM.0> shell
-> help

help                           Print this list
ioHelp                         Print I/O utilities help info
dbgHelp                        Print debugger help info
nfsHelp                        Print nfs help info
netHelp                        Print network help info
spyHelp                        Print task histogrammer help info
timexHelp                      Print execution timer help info
h         [n]                  Print (or set) shell history
i         [task]               Summary of tasks' TCBs
ti        task                 Complete info on TCB for task
sp        adr,args...          Spawn a task, pri=100, opt=0x19, stk=20000
taskSpawn name,pri,opt,stk,adr,args... Spawn a task
td        task                 Delete a task
ts        task                 Suspend a task
tr        task                 Resume a task
d         [adr[,nunits[,width]]] Display memory
m         adr[,width]          Modify memory
mRegs     [reg[,task]]         Modify a task's registers interactively
pc        [task]               Return task's program counter

Type <CR> to continue, Q<CR> to stop:

iam       "user"[,"passwd"]     Set user name and passwd
whoami                         Print user name
devs                           List devices
ld        [syms[,noAbort][,"name"]] Load stdin, or file, into memory
                               (syms = add symbols to table:
                               -1 = none, 0 = globals, 1 = all)
lkup      ["substr"]         List symbols in system symbol table
lkAddr    address              List symbol table entries near address
checkStack  [task]             List task stack sizes and usage
printErrno  value              Print the name of a status value
period    secs,adr,args... Spawn task to call function periodically
repeat    n,adr,args...    Spawn task to call function n times (0=forever)
version                        Print VxWorks version info, and boot line

NOTE:  Arguments specifying 'task' can be either task ID or name.

value = 1 = 0x1
-> version
VxWorks (for Freescale MPC8541) version 5.5.2.
Kernel: WIND version 2.6.
Made on Aug 26 2008, 14:56:53.
Boot line:
value = 18 = 0x12


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Feb 14, 2013
Has someone gotten into the web management for these things?
Is it any good?
Screen shots?


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Dec 21, 2010
I tried doing the active port testing with 12 ports and both 10g SFP (Twinax DAC) and appears to have moved the power consumption up by about 7w over idle. Adding power to the second power supply I need to double check but brought power consumption into the 71-73w range from my notes.


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Oct 13, 2012
did you try putty with flow control disabled (!!) and intercept the 3 second boot-up? Most VXworks have the same bootloader with function 30 backdoor built in.


May 4, 2011
Oh I would love a new gui/cli for these things. i have two of them, but with 4 x 10Gb CX4 interfaces on the back. The OS drives me crazy.