QLogic Sanbox 5802v information

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Feb 16, 2016
I couldn't find ANY info on this fibre channel switch, so here's the info that I've gathered so far through manuals and experimentation.


I purchased a QLogic Sanbox 5802v, and as with most rack mount gear, it didn't include ANY rails or ears for some frustrating reason.

I found this kit for citrix/netscaler 1u/2u systems. Universal 4 Post Adjustable Rack Rail Server Kit 1U 2U 28" 38" Citrix NetScaler | eBay

long link, sorry. Anyway, the holes for one side line up perfectly, and the other side require only minor modification. I double-widened one hole with an 11/64 drill bit to make it fit. I paid $US 20 and an hour of my time and it works.

If anybody knows a better way to rack mount these that's widely available and doesn't cost a fortune, that'd be swell.


I found out that you CANNOT reassign WHICH ports are licensed. Only the first N regular ports and the first N 10/20G ports are licensed. You have to use them in order, and you can't move a license from a 10/20 port to an 8G port.

Power Supplies & Fans

The 5800 has one power supply, the 5802 has 2 power supplies.

The Power Supplies are friction fit enclosures, as are the internal fans.
if you have the opposite airflow to what you need, fixing it is as simple as opening the power supply with a spudger, screwdriver, or butter knife (Any flat object really) and easing the fans out then turning them around.
There seems to be no way to report to the internal software that you've done this.

The fans wires are soldered/crimped to the power connector and are 2 wire 38x38x28mm fans. I couldn't find suitable silent replacements, but this switch is by far the loudest thing in my rack with both PSUs installed.
If you know of a good, silent (Even at full speed) 12v 38x38x28mm fan, please let me know.
I didn't have any 40mm fans available to see if the case would close with them in. With a little bit of tape or putty, fitting smaller 38x38 fans would be possible, but suboptimal.

To get more silent operation under minimal load, you can install a power supply half way and the fans won't engage but it will register with the chassis partway. Figure out which PSU is more quiet and run only that one.

GUI management

The default GUI will work with windows 10, java 7, and internet explorer, but only with the absolute latest firmware (At time of writing, V8. Also, you need to run 'admin start; create certificate; admin end;' before the java gui app will work.

Zoning is simple. Create a zone set, and then add zones. Each zone can have as many ports as you would like. I recommend one target and one initiator per zone, or one target and multiple initiators. Make sure you check for errors and apply, or you'll be wondering why it's not working. This eliminated duplicate drives in windows 10. That said, if you want multipath, then you'll need to add all your devices to their appropriate zo--- you know what, if you're up to multipath, you know what you're doing better than I do.
There aren't many other features on this switch worth configuring. It'll do 1, 2, 4, 8 and it'll do G or GL ports by default. It just kinda gets out of your way so you can do what you want by default, and lets you zone things down a bit to eliminate some noise in your environment.

Pricing can vary a lot. I got mine with '20 ports' (That's 16 FC, 4 10G) for $40 from a local vendor. I see them going for upwards of $200-$300 with fewer ports licensed. Most vendors don't know jack about the switches, and just power test them or report them as pulled from a working environment. When pricing them out, ASSUME that you'll lose 4 ports unless it says it's a full 24 port licensed switch. The fewest ports I've seen is 8 ports.


If all you want is a fibre channel switch, this one is actually really easy to work with and functions well, does everything you'd expect with no added BS to get in the way. It's a solid choice, as long as you pay attention to the caveats of the licensing and get a good price.