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    EU [FS] 32GB Ecc Ddr4-2666mhz RAM + new 2 x QL41262HLCU-DE 10/25GbE

    Have used 32GB Ecc Ddr4-2666mhz RAM lot - total 20 sticks, all taken from working server. 85€ + Shipping for 1 stick, can make better deal if you buy more then 1 :) Brand new Dell QL41262HLCU-DE 10/25GbE PCIe Low Profile network cards, have 2. Price for card 250€ + Shipping.
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    FC Direct attachment between QLogic HBA and V5000

    Hi everyone, I've been struggling a lot lately trying to configure a dual QLogic 2562 HBA (8Gbps), directly attached to an IBM Storwize V5000. A brief of our architecture: 3 Lenovo servers running ESXi 7.0, connected to the V5000. 2 servers are using iSCSI directly, and one is using a FC...
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    QLogic Sanbox 5802v information

    I couldn't find ANY info on this fibre channel switch, so here's the info that I've gathered so far through manuals and experimentation. Mounting I purchased a QLogic Sanbox 5802v, and as with most rack mount gear, it didn't include ANY rails or ears for some frustrating reason. I found this...
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    FS: Clearing out Old Server Lab

    SPRING CLEANING - the rest goes to liquidation/recycling in a couple weeks. Long time lurker, first time poster with a bunch of old production and warehouse hardware for sale. Located in South Jersey outside Philly, can meetup in the Tri-State Metro PA/NY/NJ area (within reason). Local Pickup...