PSA: I had a suspicious experience with latency2050 on eBay (sells M.2 SSD's, etc)


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Jul 28, 2017
There are some great deals on PM981 SSD's by vendor latency2050... on the surface. But lo! I was surprised... and something was fishy in the demeanour of the vendor.

I ordered a 2x 1 TB Toshiba NVMe SSD's. One was sent and arrived with no markings, stickers, etc, nothing!! Luckily I have a switched on colleague who received it and tested it for me in a server, and returned it on my behalf. It was actually an old PM951 with 512 GB capacity!

The other one was recalled before it ever got sent out.

In summary, avoid this deal, which is rotten in its core: SAMSUNG PM981 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD 250GB Solid State Drive - 2019 Model 3000mb/s | eBay



Jan 12, 2017
So you bought one item and are calling this a scam? This doesnt look like a scam just a shipping error. It is really hard to keep a 100% feedback rating on ebay so maybe easy up on the accusations there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes as a seller ill give him/them the benefit of the doubt.

He’s also a top rated seller you have no idea how hard it is to achieve this with ebay. Relax you will get your money back
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