Proxmox ve with Glusterfs step by step note

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    Add sources list
    "nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb [arch=amd64] Index of /pub/gluster/glusterfs/LATEST/Debian/stretch/amd64/apt stretch main"

    Increase the key
    "wget -O - | apt-key add -"

    Set zpool Type:
    "zfs set acltype=posixacl RAID/DATA"

    Setup nano / etc / hosts increase gluster fs ip:
    " pve-gf pve2-gf"

    Installation Kit:
    "apt install glusterfs-server"

    Binding machine:
    "gluster peer probe gluster peer probe"

    Gluster status command
    "gluster peer status"

    Status show
    "Number of Peers: 2 Hostname: pve Uuid: afffc8___________7345f9d5 State: Peer in Cluster (Connected) Hostname: pve2 Uuid: a62____________e9f9f1d State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)"

    Create a directory copy mode:
    "gluster volume create DATA transport tcp replica 2 r730-gf:/RAID/DATA r230-gf:/RAID/DATA force"

    Enabled Glusterfs
    "gluster volume start DATA"

    Set storage pool:

    ”gluster volume set DATA performance.cache-size 256MB gluster volume set DATA 5 gluster volume set DATA cluster.server-quorum-type server gluster volume set DATA cluster.quorum-type fixed gluster volume set DATA cluster.quorum-count 2 gluster volume set DATA cluster.eager-lock on gluster volume set DATA network.remote-dio enable gluster volume set DATA cluster.eager-lock enable gluster volume set DATA performance.stat-prefetch off gluster volume set DATA off gluster volume set DATA off gluster volume set DATA performance.quick-read off gluster volume set DATA performance.readdir-ahead on "

    After the completion of the Web GUI to save the new GlusterFS can be used

    Add a new storage pool, you need to manually hit the name of the storage pool and the server / server order will not mount:

    In R730 ( node 1 ) above, enter on the map. And to R230 (note 2 )above, the order of two to exchange play.

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    I was between cephfs and glusterfs... however the more I research glusterfs for bulk storage, the more I like it. I am considering setting up glusterfs on my Proxmox cluster and using an arbiter. Do you have any experience with arbiters in glusterfs? How stable has your build been?
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