Proxmox networks


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Feb 23, 2015
I'm relatively new to Proxmox and I'm looking for insight on proper setup of Proxmox networking. It seems there are various networks that need to be considered. Admin (gui/ssh), cluster (corosync), storage, migration/replication, external network for guest VM's, and maybe more I'm missing.

What I currently have at my disposal;
  • Top Rack Switches
2 x SG500X-48 ---- (each switch has 48 x 1Gbps & 2 x 10Gbps SPF+)
*note these switches are being used by other servers and equipment beyond Proxmox. They are also stacked.
  • Proxmox Hosts
3 x Intel Servers --- (each host has 4 x 1Gbps NICs & 1 SPF+ port)​

I'm currently configuring all 3 servers with local ZFS storage.

Opinions on how best to set things up for the networking? Direct connections for some stuff? Everything into the switches? Can I condense and share some of the roles onto a single network without worry?

I'm open to recommendations to add parts that will make an appreciable difference for reasonable cost.


Jan 28, 2018
I assume you will run a HA cluster? Will you be using ceph as well? The spf+ port on each server is 10Gb? Good that you have staked switches, that gives you good options along with the 4 1Gb ports. Are you using one of the 10Gb ports on each switch for the stack? Are the servers identical in storage and resource capability? Workloads? Details man, details. Love details, it’s a secret pleasure of mine.

Sounds like you’ve done the research already on the best practices and have an idea on how best to do it for your setup.

One way would be to bond 2 ports with a link to each switch. 1 port for management. 1 post port for storage and one for vm’s.

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Jul 17, 2017
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take a look at the documentation and the interface many many ways to config. I am so new I always start with the basic stuff and build out slowly- all I know is after all this time I still only have a white belt in GOOGLE FU- but I would bet more details like MikeWebb inquired about would help flush out the devil in those details quuickly :)