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    I'm relatively new to Proxmox and I'm looking for insight on proper setup of Proxmox networking. It seems there are various networks that need to be considered. Admin (gui/ssh), cluster (corosync), storage, migration/replication, external network for guest VM's, and maybe more I'm missing.

    What I currently have at my disposal;
    • Top Rack Switches
    2 x SG500X-48 ---- (each switch has 48 x 1Gbps & 2 x 10Gbps SPF+)
    *note these switches are being used by other servers and equipment beyond Proxmox. They are also stacked.
    • Proxmox Hosts
    3 x Intel Servers --- (each host has 4 x 1Gbps NICs & 1 SPF+ port)​

    I'm currently configuring all 3 servers with local ZFS storage.

    Opinions on how best to set things up for the networking? Direct connections for some stuff? Everything into the switches? Can I condense and share some of the roles onto a single network without worry?

    I'm open to recommendations to add parts that will make an appreciable difference for reasonable cost.
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