OpenIndiana 2017.10

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Sep 3, 2015
Here's a newbie question - if using your OI/napp-it aio /napp-in-one ova package (2017.04 GUI),
what should my update strategy be for updating OI be ?- will you be creating these ova packages
or should update OI according to new versions of OI and install napp-it afterwards and how often
would one do these updates ?


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Dec 31, 2010
One answer is: never change a running system unless there are
security fixes you concern about or new features you want.

On OI an update is quite easy as you only have one repository that is quite in sync with newest Illumos (unlike OmniOS where you have a dedicated freezed repository for any stable/bloody)

To update from 2017.04 to 2017.10 just run pkg update at console.
If you want to update napp-it, use menu About > Update

If you are currently on a quite old OI release, it may be better to backup your config (napp-it Jobs>Backup or save /var/web-gui/_log/*), export the pool, do a clean install and reimport with a restore of napp-it settings (or users). If you follow the general recommendation not to add any complex services to a VM or storageserver you are up again within minutes without a complex recovery.
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