New Colocation Space - Interest?


Nov 24, 2017
Decided to create new thread.

I see there has been interest in Colo space.

Im interested in possibly setting up a colocation space to sell server space where I currently run a couple racks of servers for my biz ( almost for 2 years now) and a few asic miners. It's not really setup for perfectly clean/secure colo of servers currently. But possibly could be with a bit of simple construction. It's in midwest with easy access to fiber, currently running 1000/250, with room to add another fiber line that can connect easily to my 10g ubiquity router, with super cheap electric costs, and tons of room to grow electric usage easily with a relatively small investment. In a small town with little crime and a few multi-million dollar companies and headquarters of the smaller ISP that runs the fiber in the southern part of state (and growing), its located in an incubator warehouse/office space. If interested let me know. If there's a bunch of interest I could start looking into this deeper. Client pricing would be quite low with what could be unlimited bandwidth and super cheap electricity.

The backup power situation is currently non-existent for extended blackouts of which there has been 1 since I started due to freak storm , I run my servers on UPS with a couple minutes of power reserve, but power has been very stable over past few decades in our town.


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Feb 15, 2015
Honestly I don't know anyone who would be interested in this with what you've just described.

Insecure, single homed, not clean and "unlimited" bandwidth on 1Gig pipe doesn't scream "we're legit send us thousands in hardware to manage for you" ;)


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Oct 22, 2014
Los Angeles
@Morphers what you're trying to do is cool, but like @T_Minus pointed out there is a lot at risk for a potential client, which no matter how informally you try to run this is still what anyone giving you a server will be. There have been numerous scams and even just poorly run businesses in the past that have caused people to lose their hardware.

You also need to think about the risk to you. How do you limit and cover liability for damage, theft or loss of hardware once it gets to you? How do you ensure that any illegal activities don't put you in a tough spot?

There are certainly ways around all of these problems but they mostly end up costing time and money until you get the point where it doesn't make sense for anyone involved. It's a nice idea, but in practice one usually best left within a group of friends.


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Mar 30, 2012
I agree.

Here's what you're dealing with a shared cabinet is a few hundred bucks at a big provider with good bandwidth.

There's a difference if you're building a data center, but even then, if you are not well-known, people will see it as a risk. If I sign with DLR, QTS, or another established brand I'm not worried about losing a $20,000 server. With an unknown entity providing service, there's a risk to the server that at most will cost me $20-30 more a month to mitigate by going to a larger provider.

Good idea, it's just a market where the big guys have it figured out and there's benefits to scale.