Molex Power and Current

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    Hi there.

    I have one big ol JBOD with the following inside:

    4x M28SAB which take 2 Molex connections each.

    2x Intel RESCV360 which take one Molex each.

    1x M14TQC

    So, 11 Molex connections.

    I also have a modular power supply which has 4x peripheral plugs for Molex/ SATA.

    The obvious idea would be 3 of 3x molex and one 2x Molex. However this would make the chassis layout pretty messy.

    I was thinking of using molex splitters on the four hot swaps, so each molex line with 4 connections, then a third line with 3x molex powering the expanders and M14.

    Inside the unit I’ll have about 36 drives totaling about 30A of total current max (spinup). But, I’ll also be using staggered spinup.

    Each M28SAB states max current around 10A per 8x hot swap, so around 50A total capable amperage.

    I’d rather configure for a possible upgrade to SAS disks and keep current handling on the max spec of the unit rather than my current drive configuration.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Where can I find the best Molex cables? I’m thinking 16Awg would be sufficient.

    Debating making my own, using cablemod for a clean layout and least possible daisy chains, or just going cheap off the shelf and dealing with a less than perfect arrangement.

    Ideas and experiences on cabling a diy JBOD?

    I’ve heard a few horror stories about poor cabling and it’s pitfalls and would like to avoid it. Seems to be frequently the area where least attention to detail is kept. On the other side of the coin, many consider most of the concerns unwarranted and the disaster stories merely deep outliers.
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