Mirror: Storage Spaces, AMD 400 series RAID Performance


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Jun 15, 2018
Santa Monica, CA
I'm completing out my new Ryzen 2 build, and will be picking up 2x 8TB drive drives sometime this week. As my storage strategy will be shifting to local/DAS storage to FreeNAS sometime soon, I'm considering mirroring my local bulk storage drives. It will be mirrored only.

Does anyone have experience with Storage Spaces mirrors? Is the performance really that bad? If I were to take out a drive, or a drive fails, the remaining drive should work fine independently in another system right?

I'm also curious about the RAID implementation on the AMD 400 series chipset. AFAIK, when using RAID here, SMART and probes (temperature, etc) will no longer be exposed? If anyone has tried this, how is the performance?