1. Z

    Discussion on parts and freenas VDev configuration for 10g Editing NAS

    Hello everyone: I'm looking at building my first freenas Storage server to store finished projects and edit directly out of. I've decided to go about DIYing it after being unimpressed by the performance/price of Synology and QNAP solutions. My goal for this build was to come up with a more...
  2. B

    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    Dear fellow NAS-builders, after sailing the sea of infinite combinations for days, I feel finally slightly more informed than confused. This is a simple "what should I go for" question. Requirements: - 8+ Threads (A fair amount of stuff will be going on aside from ZFS such as CI/CD Piplines...
  3. marcoi

    2020 New Desktop Build Work Log for a Dual system

    Build’s Name: Ettin (AKA The Two-Headed Giant) Build one: Operating System/ Storage Platform: Windows 10 pro CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x Motherboard: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master Chassis: Phanteks Enthoo 719 Drives: 2 of Corsair Force Series MP600 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 128GB (4 x 32GB) 288-Pin...
  4. J

    Ryzen raspberry pi sized

    Anyone played with one yet? GHF51 | AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series | 1.8" SBC | Industrial Motherboards | DFI
  5. D

    [Homelab] Looking for advice on hardware for small Proxmox node.

    Hey guys Im planning to setup small proxmox node based on ryzen 2700x (or similar), maybe some of you have similar setup and you could share your setup specs (cpu, mobo, ram etc.)? Ive read about proxmox freezing on ryzen so Im little afraid to buy something without knowing if Proxmox will run...
  6. F

    SuperMicro 3U chassis with custom build (beginner questions)

    Hi guys, I am trying to build a single do-it-all server based on a: Ryzen 3900x CPU ASRock x470D4U motherboard 12x10TB WD Reds and a rack case. I was looking at the cheap Rosewill cases, but I saw so many good recommendations about the SuperMicro 3U and 4U cases that I wanted to know if I...
  7. R

    [US] FS $600 Dell Optiplex 5055 Small Form Factor AMD Ryzen 1700 Pro 16G Ram 256G SSD

    *Attention* I am selling this because ryzen cpu is currently not capable for having a long up time with Linux. It may run into soft lockup if you keep it running for a long time(In my case 2+ month). But windows should work well. See this 196683 – Random Soft Lockup on new Ryzen build It is...
  8. R

    Mirror: Storage Spaces, AMD 400 series RAID Performance

    I'm completing out my new Ryzen 2 build, and will be picking up 2x 8TB drive drives sometime this week. As my storage strategy will be shifting to local/DAS storage to FreeNAS sometime soon, I'm considering mirroring my local bulk storage drives. It will be mirrored only. Does anyone have...
  9. AveryFreeman

    ESXi 6.7 on Ryzen x399 for VMs + GPU passthrough desktop

    Hey, tl;dr, I'm thinking of migrating my homelab from a handful of Sandy and Ivy Bridge E3s and Core i5/i7s to a single Ryzen ESXi Windows desktop (GPU passthrough) / FreeBSD file server (since Ryzen supports ECC) and a trio of old Thinkpads T520s to save power but still have high availability...
  10. P

    Media Server Build

    Hi, I'm building a Media Server and I'm finding the best CPU solution for the job. I'm interested in the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, but it has 20 bus lanes. I need 2 PCIe slots x8 for the HBA controllers (2 because I have 12xHDD and 3 miniSAS ports, maybe 2 LSI 9211-8i) and 1 PCIe slot for a dedicated...
  11. I

    ESXi 6.5U1 w/ Ryzen - web GUI crashes & weirdness

    I have a Ryzen 7 system with ESXi 6.5U1 installed. The VMs for the most part seem to work well. The interface, however, is a different story. It will throw unhandled exceptions, become unresponsive, or even deny logins when the correct password is provided. A complete reboot of the server will...
  12. R

    Ryzen 7 1700 $220

    I saw this at Microcenter just a few moments ago (http://www.microcenter.com/product/485472/Ryzen_7_1700_Summit_Ridge_30_GHz_8_Core_AM4_Boxed_Processor_with_Wraith_Spire_Cooler), processor is $220. Best deal I have seen on this(new) so far but need to walk into the store to get it from what I...
  13. X

    Supermicro 743TQ-865B-SQ Chassis with non-Supermicro ATX mobo?

    I might be able to get a nice deal on a Supermicro 743TQ-865B-SQ chassis, but I might also want to go with a Ryzen build with an ATX x370 motherboard. I've read that Supermicro cases can be a pain with non-Supermicro motherboards, particularly if they are standard ATX (what Supermicro calls ATX...
  14. Patrick

    My September 2017 Workstation Build

    Over the labor day weekend I have been working on a new project: building a new workstation. This is the first time in years that I will be moving to a single socket system. For this edition, AMD Threadripper. I think it is important that if I am going to publicly recommend AMD products, that I...
  15. D

    Beta Ryzen NVidia tester

    tl:dr: ECC on Ryzen AM4 Asus B350 verifies. Drivers and kernel are catching up to ECC, 1080ti, and Ryzen SMT, but manually upgrading worked well for me. Having a spare computer relieves all the pressure of a new build. Use case: Machine learning, cryptocurrency mining, programming, VM...
  16. R

    Help me refine my multi-headed virtualized workstation

    I want to build One Computer To Rule Them All. I plan to have a multiheaded setup, with one pair of monitors, keyboard + mouse each Windows and Linux, running in VMs. Windows will be used for gaming and graphic art projects, Linux for data science/bioinformatics, so performance is important. I...
  17. Patrick

    AMD Ryzen06 - How the first colocated Ryzen server has fared

    On March 22nd, we installed an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 machine into one of our local colocation racks once we had a "stable" configuration. We do have one rack with shelves just for this type of equipment: That shelf is a bit messy but LEDs in the data center look cool, right? We had a very specific...
  18. M

    Ryzen 5/7 as a Xeon E3 Competitor?

    I know AMD is marketing their new Ryzen 7 and 5 chips mainly towards enthusiasts and gamers. But, given the price and performance, and ECC support, it seems like a good competitor for single-socket Xeons (E3 series) and arguably Xeon-D. I'm waiting for a motherboard vendor like Supermicro or...
  19. Patrick

    Get ready for Ryzen 5 week!

    Just as a heads-up for those waiting, Ryzen 5 "official" launch is April 11. Ingram is shipping a few SKUs early but that is when you will see the majority of the coverage. 4 systems chugging along at STH. Only the Ryzen 5 1400 is still going. Should be an interesting week to say the least
  20. realtomatoes

    Working ESXi on Ryzen

    gents, a user on reddit just managed to boot up ESXi on ryzen. says all he did was disable SMT on bios. appreciate if ryzen owners could confirm that? thread here.