Mellanox ConnectX-3 on ebay look strange


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Apr 29, 2020
Bought two of these (dual port). One was dead on arrival (did not show up as PCIe device in the BIOS).

I got a Fujitsu Primergy TX100 SP3. Between the PCIe slots thereare electrolytic capacitors. The way these cards are made make them interfere with the capacitory, meaning of the 4 PCIe slots on the motherboard I can only use 2 as the card will not insert all the way on the other two slots.

These cards are really cheap, but these cards are hot, some of these assembled ones, especially these with metal case, are thicker than a PCIe slot, and these dual-port ones are probably not reliable as they are handmade.
I measured 6W power consumption (+-2W accurate probably) with one card and one sfp+ connection