McGuyver a CSE-216 from a Quanta 2U server or Netapp 2246 storage?


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Mar 6, 2014
So I am still looking for a few SC216's and have a hard time in Europe. Found some in the US but shipping is like $100 ea, so kinda prohibitive...

Main reason for the CSE216 is that i got a bunch of SAS3-EL2 backplanes that I'd like to use ... so i thought whether it would be possible to switch out backplanes with another server, eg those relatively cheap Quanta here... Quanta D51B-2U 24x 2.5 (SFF)

Or maybe a cheap Netapp 2246 like this one...

NetApp DS2246 24x 2,5" HDD-Schächte 24x Leerrahmen 2x SAS I/O Modul 2x PSU Rails | eBay

No idea whether that could work, and while its probably nice to have a nice cheap Netapp I thought I'd ask before spending more money on wild goose chases...


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Jul 28, 2017
Hey @Rand__!

I am fascinated by the SC216 chassis and I would love to get one due to personal interest but there is no way that I could justify it.

I am having a difficult time figuring out what the use cases for these chassis would be, even when I let my imagination run wild. Is it the case that you either:
  1. Fill the chassis with 15k 2.5" 600 GB - 1 TB 2.5" spinners and accept that your server is going to be LOUD AS HELL? Or...
  2. Fill the chassis with 2.5" SSD's of as great a capacity as you can afford and enjoy a super fast NAS or a server with local fast storage? (I can't imagine how this could possibly be affordable unless your employer is paying for it or you are very wealthy and love spending a lot of money on your homelab.)
For my own education, would you mind telling me how you intend to use this SC216? What kind of drives are you intending on installing in it?

Will it be a NAS, a virtualization server, a media server, ..., something else, ...?

Thank you!!

Kind regards,



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Mar 6, 2014

well the primary motivation to get these was @gea 's 'vCluster in a box' configuration (
This is part of my "eternal quest" to find a reliable, fully HA capable, high speed for single user/single VM ESXi storage system (which I still don't have).

I have a bunch of drives I can throw into it (intel s3700, micron dc630s) but at this time I am not moving forward with it since I have seen massive scaling issues with ZFS (for my use case, low thread/depth count, sync traffic) that I need to investigate first.

Unfortunately nobody pays for the stuff although at least some is tax deductible for me, but all in all i definitely I spend way too much cash and time on this:p
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