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    I have a few LSI 9362-8i (NEC OEM version of the 9361-8i) that i am trying to get cachecade 2.0 working on.

    I have the LSI hardware license keys (LSI00290), but they display an error that the hardware license key is incorrect for that model of card, however i cant find any hardware license key for a 9362 to enable cachecade.

    Does anyone have a 9361-8i they could download the bios from so that i can flash one of these 9362 cards into a 9361 to test if that works?
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    For reference, I ran into the same circumstance with OEM version of LSI 9266-8i (Fujitsu). Even after successfully flashing with LSI/Avago f/w, would get error you referenced. Same H/W key worked fine on retail 9266-8i. I traded some emails with LSI support, and they confirmed that OEM version I had would not work with CC key regardless of f/w installed. Did not dig deeper, as return was an option, but hopefully you can find a way to make yours work. Good Luck!
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    I believe your problem is not difference between 9361 and 9362; both are 93xx generation controllers so your key should work. However, what I believe the issue is that your key is not for NEC OEM but probably for DELL OEM (plenty on web), and crossflashing it with other firmware won't help you as crossflash doesn't flash small 6leg chip next to PCIe where the info is stored. You will need to buy the key from ebay for your card.

    Keys I got are from ebay and despite the advert to be LSI keys, they do work on my DELL OEM 9361. The same key doesn't work on my IBM Serveraid M5210 which is also LSI 9361.

    Get ready to buy few and hope they will work :) I have a collection of wrong ones lol.
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