Looking For Suggestions on Server Upgrade


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Aug 11, 2020
Good morning STH, I'm chasing some advice on some changes I'd like to make to my current home system

I'm currently running the following LAB server
MainBoard: super micro X9DR3-F
CPU's: 2x E5-2670@2.6ghz
Memory: DDR3 ECC 256gb in 16 Dimms
Nic1: HP NC523SFP 2-Port 10Gb
Nic2: Mallanox ConnectX-2 1port 10Gb
Storage: 16 Disk array attached to sas 2116 meteor
Storage Software: Windows Storage Spaces Direct

I would like to upgrade the above to maintain or improve the NIC through put. but add a GPU, at least 4x NVME drives and more storage and potentially double the ram

At this stage the old spinning rust is getting a bit slow, although i have 12x 4tb Disks with 4x 128GB SSD's for Cache this is simply not cutting it any more. In addition to that the PCI-e Bifurcation option in the bios does not seem to work, so although i bought the Asus Hyper-x quad NVME adapter it did not work in this main board (only shows a single NVME drive).

I'd like to get a bigger server that can hold more PCI-e Devices so i can add the NVME i bought and more ram. As it stands at IDLE the server is consuming %60 ram while only running Hyper-2019 with a standalone instance of storage spaces direct and a VM for freenas (this is used to hand out iscsi luns and works a lot better than windows in my experience. it has 32gb static assigne but dynamic to 128GB all on its own) a VM for Blue IRIS for video surveillance (we have 24 cameras running in to this, which i think is the source of my IO issues on the old disks), VM for plex, a couple of VM's for ROS development and a couple of VM's for private WOW servers for the kids. Sometimes i use nested virtualization for testing too when i want to try ESX stuff.

I'd consider changing to quad CPU but that's a bit of a stretch.

My case is also a problem since this server is actually embedded in a cupboard in my laundry. it was a chopped up super micro i believe to begin with but its now just parts screwed to two sliders and .... its pretty rough.

My partner and i are building a shed where i can install a full height/depth rack where noise will not be an issue, so i guess what i would like to do is may expand the disk array to a 20 disk or larger and a larger main board that can hold more ram (I'm happy with ddr3 ecc as its cost effective) with working bifurcation and some room to add a GPU (i saw some 24gb tesla's on ebay for around $400 USD)

In addition my current mainboard will not pass through discrete PCI-E devices. which is really frustrating as i would like to run YOLO against my video feeds (thats why im eye balling that tesla) so that would be a bonus.