Looking for performance Tweaks while trying to run multiple Windows VMs with Bluestacks

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    I was trying lately to run at least 2 Windows VMs with Bluestacks on basis of several hypervisors.
    Hardware is a Supermicro X10 with 32GB RAM and a E3 1241V3.

    The problem I was facing with all Hypervisors I have tried is, that I could only assign one core to Bluestacks.
    Therefore the performance was very bad, while the performance meters in the hypervisor were showing 50 to 60 percent CPU usage.

    On Esxi I was able to run two windows VMs.
    Even with only one VM running Bluestacks the Bluestacks performance was miserable.
    Strangely the Windows VM managed to archive a better Passmark score than the bare metal system...

    After tinkering arround and activating hardware assisted virtualization (hope I am translating right here) I thought my problem was solved... But Bluestacks wouldn't start anymore, displaying an error message saying I should deactivate Hyper-V (?)

    The missing GPU does not seem to be an issue. A passed through ATI Radeon was changing nothing performance wise...

    I wasn't able to try Hyper-V because Bluestacks wouldn't even start, displaying an error screen that I should switch of Hyper-V in order to use Bluestacks.

    Proxmox performance was worse than ESXI

    Ideas welcome...
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