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Jun 26, 2012
Okay, so after reading that, I went looking to see what Toshiba said ...
Makes no sense to me.
Yeah, the only way it would "make sense", across the entire MG0* series and capacity spectrum, from a reliability perspective, is if the primary failure point was the head(s)-actuator assembly/mechanism (one per drive). But that would be ludicrous because ...
(On a 512e drive,) if you performed continuous/non-stop 512-byte random reads, 24/7, for one year, you would have read 1.3 TB !! :)
[The only reason I even looked at the spec page in the first place was because I was curious to see what the seek-time for the drive was. Shame on Toshiba for not including that info! Hence, the above scenario assumed (best-case) avg seek of 8ms, plus avg latency of 4.3 4.17ms.] If it is slower seek. and it almost certainly is (else why not brag about it?), total is less than 1.3TB/year
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