List of NVMe drives that support namespaces or other ways to divide one up

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Feb 26, 2016
Looks like the Intel 4510 support namespaces as well.

my Oracle F320 (Samsung 1725a) does not support them:

the key indicator seems to be this :

# nvme id-ctrl /dev/nvme1 -H
oncs : 0x6
[5:5] : 0 Reservations Not Supported
[4:4] : 0 Save and Select Not Supported
[3:3] : 0 Write Zeroes Not Supported
[2:2] : 0x1 Data Set Management Supported
[1:1] : 0x1 Write Uncorrectable Supported
[0:0] : 0 Compare Not Supported

I will use two of those drive to split them in cache tiers, to create 4 Disk groups in vSAN.
Actually it depends on firmware/model. I used to have two PM1725 and one was supporting namespaces. It might be that standart worked and Oracle did not, or other way. I got another 6.4T drive, not Oracle, and it doesn't support NS