Issues with ESXi 6.7/EPYC and NUMA

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    Was wondering if anyone has seen an issue with AMD Epycs and ESXi and the scheduler not using the 3rd and 4th nodes of the Epyc CPUS ? Ive created several VMs with 4/8 cores and with 10-12GB (a bit less specs than a NUMA which would be 4 cores / 16gbram) however if I do esxtop I just see in the NHM column 1, 2 or both (in case of the freenas vm which has 24gb ram assigned to it)

    Ive tried to have a VM manually run on specific NUMAs by setting the advanced parameter of a VM

    • cpuid.coresPerSocket = 1
    • numa.vcpu.preferHT = TRUE
    • numa.nodeAffinity = 0 (tried changing it to 1,2,3 too and it always shows 1 or 2 on esxtop NHM colun)

    BIOS seems to be configured correctly, or at least it exposes the NUMA nodes to the ESXi 6.7

    [root@esxi:~] esxcli hardware memory get | grep NUMA
    NUMA Node Count: 4

    The main thing I want to acomplish with this is being able to run 2 VMs (one of each of the other nodes) to run the XMR miner and dont have any performance hit on the VMs running on the other 2 NUMA nodes

    Current setup:
    CPU AMD Epyc 7351P
    Mobo Supermicro H11SSL-i
    4 x 16GB DDR4 ECC RAM

    Hope someone can share some info if im doing something wrong or missing something.
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