Is solaris 12 not dead yet ?

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Jun 15, 2015
I was just looking at the release notes for the Solaris 11.3 patches (version from August 18 , and I noticed several references to Solaris 12 ! (see screenshot ) very wierd since Oracle killed Solaris 12 a long time ago and fired all the developers.
I guess they just missed to clean out some old comments in the code ... but hope never dies :)

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Dec 31, 2010
The strategy of Oracle is not completely clear.
They now offer new servers with Sparc M8 and Solaris support until at least 2034
Oracle softly increments SPARC M7 to M8, then whispers: We'll still love you, Solaris, to 2034

What seems clear is that Oracle reduces hardware/ server offers and Solaris as an offer for non-Oracle hardware or X86 hardware. For x86 we gladly have OpenSource Solaris with a development that is completely independent from Oracle. If you want Oracle Solaris you must propably buy Oracle servers or check their (future) Cloud options.

Oracle Roadmap Sep/2017
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