Installing LSI MegaRaid Storage Manager on Debian 10 (OMV 5)

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Aug 6, 2019
Howdy, I thought I would document this for posterity...

I have an old LSI (later Avago, now Broadcom) MegaRAID 9260-4i SAS RAID controller in my system. There are a few ways to manage it and configure disks and arrays and such. The most straightforward is to boot into it's BIOS. But on Windows there is the MegaRAID storage manager (MSM) which is a much prettier graphical client, but it only easy to set up if the server is running Windows. But it is also possible for a MSM client to manage cards on other server machines. LSI/Avago/Broadcom made a Linux version of MSM, but it only released RPMs for Red Hat and Suse. No .deb packages.

There was mention of making them work in an older forum threads by converting the RPMs, and it was generally regarded as a sketchy idea, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.

There are walkthroughs floating around the web, but many are old, and all seem to have different approaches . This one (in German) got me pointed in the right direction:
MegaRAID Storage Manager Installation unter Ubuntu – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

These are the steps that worked for me on a fresh install of OMV 5.3.4 (Debian 10)

Download two files from Broadcom's site, here's the page for the 9260-4i specifically:
Support Documents and Downloads

You'll want to go to the "Management Software and Tools" and get these two files:
Note that if you're operating Linux command line only, this is the first hurdle, since the download links require clicking on a disclaimer. I used the browser's debug tools to get direct links for wget:

(probably everything needs to be done as root user or with sudo)

next I had to install some prerequisite packages

  1. Code:
    apt install unzip
    install alien

here were the steps to extract and convert and install the command line tool storcli (and create a link because the install location was annoying)

  1. Code:
    cd storcli_All_OS/Linux
    alien --scripts storcli-1.23.02-1.noarch.rpm
    dpkg --install storcli_1.23.02-2_all.deb
    ln -s /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /usr/local/sbin/storcli
to do a trivial test enter "storcli show". You should get a listing of your adapters

next up is to exract and convert and install MSM, set it to type "d" (which is "server" mode) so it doesn't try to install a local graphical client:

also, the actual service that runs is called vivaldiframeworkd... for reasons I can't fully appreciate.

  1. Code:
    tar xvf
    cd disk
    alien --scripts MegaRAID_Storage_Manager-17.05.00-02.noarc
    export setuptype="d"
    export upgradesetuptype="n"
    dpkg --install megaraid-storage-manager_17.05.00-3_all.deb
    systemctl enable vivaldiframeworkd.service
    service vivaldiframeworkd start
    service vivaldiframeworkd status

… after I got that set up, I was able to install MSM on a windows PC and configure my raid card on my OMB Linux box (I had to enter the IP address of my OMV server)

and incidentally, I was inspired by to use the command line tools to update the advanced software key on the controller card. however, the storcli syntax is different, so here was they syntax I used (c0 means controller zero):
storcli /c0 set aso key=TIKGE5K73QX4EH7U5AT91URDQUNL9NXLVTTER72Z