HP Microserver Gen 10 Plus and SSD's


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Jun 25, 2020
Hi everyone!

It looks as though the new HP microserver Gen 10 plus is not compatible with some SSD's and I am very curious if anyone knows why.

I have two HP Microserver 10+ units and two Intel Pro 180G SSD's (Model: SSDSC2BF180A4L). The two Intel SSD's are not recognized in either machine. They work in every other machine I have, just not the HP's. So it seems that the SSD's are incompatible but I am very curious as to why, so I can make sure to purchase the correct SSD in the future.

Interesting tid-bits:

1)Upgraded BIOS on both machines to V2.16

2)Used Intel Toolbox on both SSD's to verify no new firmware.

3)Used Intel Toolbox Full Diagnostic on both SSD's to verify both drives have no issues.

Any info would be super helpful. I did contact HPE support and after two hours of troubleshooting he gave up and told me I would have to buy the HP brand.


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Jan 6, 2016
Rather hard to believe a standard intel SATA ssd would not work, very strange.