HP 874491-001 Apollo R2600 Gen10 Barebones Chassis SFF W/ 4x Fans - $175

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Oct 28, 2015
its basically a mini blade enclosure?
Yes, you can put 4 XL170r or 2 XL190r. XL170r is basically for general purpose and XL190r can be used for HPC using GPUs. On r2600, storage is statically assigned to each blade, 6 HDDs per blade if it's XL170r, and 12 HDDs per blade for XL190r.


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Jun 10, 2018
New York, NY
Basically yes. I am not sure you can do much with a cheap enclosure if the modules are kinda expensive. Your average XL170r Gen10 is around 500 on evilbay, so your bargain is potentially quite limited.
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Oct 10, 2015
<Edit> I have no relationship to the Raki folks, they’ve just always taken good care of me whenI have done business with them. </EndEdit>

I can vouch for the seller- they are local for me- but the few items I’ve had shipped were very well packaged. (Sometimes they have some really good deals... but with pandemic timing, I tend to lean towards shipping instead of local P/U)

It does not appear to be the case this time (based on silica jel pack in pics), but I have noticed that they almost never have whole systems available, rather, they seem to part them out... meaning that you should always check their other listings for related modules or parts.

Funny aside: One time, they took it a little too far (Probably by accident) they had listed a “UPS motherboard” for sale (Separate listing for the cables/connectors + screws & fasteners)- it was pretty funny- I don’t think it ever sold. Just looking at the huge capacitors on the “motherboard” made me giggle every time i saw it.