How to disable iscsi boot on Intel XF SR nics.

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Sep 18, 2011
I have a PFSense router managing my dual 1GbE home network links (WAN).

For the LAN I have an i350 quad and all is working fine.

I also have two Intel XF SR 10GbE nics linking my home server and SAN.

All is working fine.

I have picked up a couple more of Intel XF SR 10Gbe cards with the idea of having one in my PC and one in the PFSense box so I can have the second port in my home server also connecting to the PFSense box and therefore 10GbE to my home server and a single 10GbE for the rest of the come network to connect to it.

The problem I am having is that after putting the card in the PFSense box, I am only getting it booting in to teh cards iSCSI boot menu. I cannot get in to the motherboards BIOS (Supermicro X9SCM) without removing the card. The iSCSI boot is overriding everything else so I cannot boot PFSense with the card installed.

Any ideas ?.

Also anyone have any issues with the Intel XF SR in Win 10 64bit ?. I can see it but cannot get the link up and the Intel drivers CD tells me Intel nics are installed (network manager lists the two ports as Intel XF SR nics).

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Apr 23, 2015
Yes. You have to re-flash the card to go back to PXE mode. I had this struggle my self and right before I gave up and throw the card away I had this vision.:)

P.S. All my 10g cards are this model. I just never got one flashed to iscsi before, so they usually work right of the box.
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