How to configure Events in LSI Storage Authority (LSA) management software?

Ashok Kumar

New Member
Feb 28, 2017
I'm trying to edit the default configuration of Events in LSI Storage Authority (LSA) management software for my LSI 9361-8i RAID controller. To clarify, I want to change the default Severity Level of some events so that they don't automatically cause an email to be sent to me. I've configured email alerts in LSA so that "informational" events don't send an email, but "warning" events do send an email. However, there are some events defined by default as warnings in LSA that I wish to exclude so that I don't get spammed with specific warnings that I'm not concerned about.

Please note that the ability to edit Event configuration was a feature that definitely did exist in the older LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) management software. In other words, this was something that I was able to do in the legacy management software (MSM) but not the current software (LSA). I've searched to find how to do this in the new LSA software, but I can't find it.

Does anyone know whether or not the new LSA software has the ability to edit Event configurations? If yes, could you tell me where to access it?