High CPU temps on new AIO build


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Mar 6, 2014
I believe I'll probably pick up a Noctua 40mm fan, question is what's the preference/difference between these two or is there a better option?

Amazon.com: noctua nf-a4x20 pwm

One is a 5V version, other looks std, both PWN 4 pin, not sure the benefits or if either will work.
I wonder that also, recently accidentally ordered a 5V one for my XeonD system. It works fine, but my expectation that it would be less noisy is not true - or its not pwm controlled after all, at least it never turns down. Have not delved deeper since the board is still on the bench and real life catched up...


Jun 30, 2014
@whitey - I have a broken (BIOS is flaky) X10SL7 if you need it for parts, testing, etc. Yours for the cost of shipping.
Thanks for the offer, all seems calm on the home-front once I added the 40mm Noctua cooler, probably need to find a better way to attach but for now simply setting on top and blowing down is doing the trick, came down to my least desirable solution, which is more of a band-aid fix but I don't have time to mess with this anymore.

Thanks all for the great input and rapid response!