GIGABYTE EL-20 Debian 8.5 Minimal Server install guide


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Aug 10, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan
Hi Guys,

As you might know, Debian 8.5 isn't officially supported on Intel's Bear Ridge platform. However, with a customer here in Asia, we've got everything up and running on our boxes and I think this might help some of you out there who are stuck in with a similar challenge.

Sorry for the coming marketing blurb, but I do see that we've been way more involved the open-source community the past year. This is simply because we're doing more and more diverse customers for HPC, scale-out etc. that run just run all open-source software. For our ARM stuff we’re trying to get as broad support as possible (with a lot of enthusiasm from the devs, because somehow, they just love 48 or 96 core boards to play with.

On the Intel side of things we’re, of course, limited to what Intel supports (Win7 and up for now) and Android 5.1. That means we can’t even do Intel’s Wind River Linux on Bear Ridge no matter how bad we want it :(.

So, one of our customers in Indonesia went to work, building a Debian 8.5 minimal server on our systems and boards with 32GB eMMC. The biggest struggle was the GPIO and the 3G driver as they are just less common than card readers and lan ports. The install is based on the regular Debian 8.5 AMD64 ISO, so that’s relatively easy.

The guide also tells you how to configure and control all the on-board components, including testing the GPIO port, so if you’re looking for development using that, you can be up and running in no time.

The guide works for the following devices (DL links also on those pages, under downloads -> manual):
Systems: EL-20-3700-32GB, EL-20-3050-32GB (3050, 3060, 3700 and 3710 CPUs)

Good luck everyone, and if there is anything you’d like to ask or add, just let me know!

EL-20-3700-32GB manual page:
GIGABYTE - Embedded System - EL-20-3700-32GB (rev. 2.0)

Direct link for rev 0.2 manuals:
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