1. AveryFreeman

    Is anyone familiar with using kerberos tickets from AD for linux clients?

    Hey, I recently started trying to authenticate my linux clients using ktpass on an AD-connected Windows client to generate a kerberos keytab for use in linux. Here's the main guide I'm following...
  2. M

    Prevent or reduce frequency of txg_sync

    I have a small server (Debian Buster) containing 2 WD RED hard disk which I have encrypted with LUKS and on which I set up a ZFS datapool with RAID 1. As the server is not used to frequently I have created a autoshutdown script which checks for services etc. and if the data drives are active...
  3. C

    Spice Server failure prevents auto-start of guest

    This error is driving me nuts and I can't seem to figure out why it's failing. I've got a basic install of Debian Buster with qemu/libvirt and am utilizing Cockpit as the simple server mgmt UI. VM creation and everything works fine via Cockpit and even using the console within the web ui works...
  4. gb00s

    iXsystems next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE >> Debian Linux

    Link: Starting our next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE
  5. Q

    R820 / H310 "Adapter at Baseport is not responding"

    I posted this on Dell's community as well but no responses as yet. So I think I have a serious problem that I need any help I can get. I don't know if the H310, the SAS cables, the enclosure, or the drives are bad. I will explain. I purchased a re-purposed R820 with an H310 and 10 1TB...
  6. A

    SuperDoctor5 on ProxMox VE v5.x: failed install

    Supermicro SuperDoctor® 5 | Supermicro Server Management Utilities | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. Trying to install SD5 in a Proxmox build. The installer goes through with no errors but it never gets installed. I've installed SD5 many times on my XenServer host. Any ideas??
  7. D

    GIGABYTE EL-20 Debian 8.5 Minimal Server install guide

    Hi Guys, As you might know, Debian 8.5 isn't officially supported on Intel's Bear Ridge platform. However, with a customer here in Asia, we've got everything up and running on our boxes and I think this might help some of you out there who are stuck in with a similar challenge. Sorry for the...
  8. V

    Debian 8.3 installation in Virtual Box

    Hello from Geneva Switzerland, while preparing for a new Linux training session I thought I could share the videos I’m preparing for the participants. In that one you can review /learn the installation steps for Linux Debian 8. I use Virtual Box like that you can also learn Linux if you have a...