Fusion-io ioDrive Linux Drivers (HP branded / non-branded) discovery


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Mar 30, 2012
Just wanted to pass along a note for all the Fusion-io people.

Windows - use HP branded
Linux - use Fusion-io

@Patrick's odyssey with the Proxmox and Ubuntu inspired me. I used a HP branded cards and followed the Windows guide by @markpower28 here Fusion-io ioDrive installation on Windows. For that I had to use the HP branded driver.

Then I went to Ubuntu 14.04 and did that install. Thanks for the tip on not using 14.04.2. HP didn't have a Ubuntu driver since 12.04 so I didn't even waste time.

I then swapped to the Fusion-io driver and it worked.

Thanks to @Patrick and @markpower28 for helping me use the cards.