FS: Mini HPC Cluster, 108 cores


Feb 17, 2018
For sale is my mini-HPC cluster setup. I built it for running CFD and astrophysics simulations, but don't have any room for it in my current place. I know roughly what I could part it out for, but it has some value as a ready-to-go cluster, so I'd like to try to sell it as a whole first.


1x 2U4N supermicro server, each node has 2x E5-2690v2 and 8x8GB dual rank 14900R ECC ram.

1x desktop (head node) with a Asus Z10PE-D8 motherboard, 2x E5-2690v4 ES, 8x8GB dual rank 19200R (2400) ECC ram, big cpu coolers, GTX Titan, 500GB 960evo nvme drive, 3TB (3*2 in RAID1) storage.

FDR Infiniband switch (12 ports), cables, and dual port IB adapters in all nodes.

2x 8 port 1Gbe ethernet switches, one for intranet and one for management.

APC 12U netshelter cx soundproof cabinet for the supermicro server and switch, with custom upgraded fans. Can handle 100% load without server throttling. UPS

Software: CentOS 7, Openfoam and python installed and working on all nodes, SLURM job manager installed and configured, environment modules configured for Openfoam, python, and openmpi. Just to be clear, I'm not selling the software.

Totals: 108 cores (216 threads if you turn HT back on) at 3+GHz all core turbo, 320GB ram, max power draw ~1400W.

More detailed specs/pics: Mini HPC Cluster_online.pdf

Price: $7000 or best offer. I'll accept paypal and cryptocurrency. I have a bunch of sales over at /r/homelabsales subreddit (alltheasimov).

Shipping: I think local (Melbourne, FL) pickup only is best. Given past experiences shipping server hardware, I don't feel comfortable trying to ship this stuff.

If you can think of anywhere else I can post this, please let me know. I've tried various subreddits and cfdonline.
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Apr 6, 2013
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You can try selling on Craigslist. I had some success selling servers there over the years. Location might be an issue with CL, not sure. I know i had some servers on CL in Orlando FL for months with very few bites.

Only other thing i can suggest is making sure your pricing reflects current ebay sold listing if available. I found that tip useful years ago when nothing sold as i had items listed more then what ebay had them for. After pricing closer to ebay averages, i sold things faster. Not saying your pricing is high or low, but just sharing what helped me in the past.

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