FS: Intel XEON E5-2637-V3 ES CPU X2


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Oct 28, 2016
I have a pair of Intel XEON E5-2637-V3 ES CPUs to sell since I have changed my workstation with high-core-number XEONs. I have been using these two CPUs on my Supermicro workstation for around one month. The original purpose is to use a high frequency XEON. The speed is fine but later I feel I need more cores to do rendering work.

This is a ES CPU. Photo attached. Asking USD 230 for one and USD 430 for both. Shipping will be free from Hong Kong. If you have other requirements for shipping please PM me. Accept PayPal only.

I have also attached a screen capture from CPUZ for your reference.

1DX20483.jpg 1DX20485.jpg E5-26367-v3_CPUZ.PNG