EU [FS] 4GB Unbuffered DDR3 Sodimm ECC, LGA 3647 square coolers and other things

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Jul 11, 2017
For sale are various different things that are gathering dust at my place.
That includes motherboards, RAM, CPUs, coolers and others.
Also, dead, not so dead and repaired things because that is a hobby of mine.

CPUs in sockets and other things in the pictures are not part of the sale unless stated specifically in the description.
I try to be as clear as possible and i clearly fail at that rather often, so please ask questions!

Shipping from Germany with DHL or MBE/UPS worldwide at your cost.

Payment in cash if you come by to pick it up, Paypal Family and Friends or Bank-Transfer.

Defective Fujitsu D3348-B13 X2

DDR3 SODIMM ECC 4GB 1600Mt 25€ for each Stick.
Swissbit 4GB EP3L-12800E-111111 with Samsung ddr3 Modules.​
Unbuffered ECC Sodimm Ram for or from my SM Atom Systems.​
Got 2 Sticks for sale.​
Memtests have passed with no errors and no corrections.​
Spare CPUs​
Xeon E5 2687W V1 for 10€
Xeon E5 1620 V1 for the price of shipping

Dynatron Square LGA2647 Coolers for 35€ each
Bought 3 Dynatron coolers for my SM 3647 Boards to then notice that they were Square and not Narrow and don't fit on those boards.​
In total, i have 2x 2U and 1X 3U coolers that i can't use and would like to sell.​

AMD and Intel Stock coolers.
Please, if you need em, take em.​
Got about 5 from Ryzen 5 Cpus, so the smallest variety good to like 65W, and a few bigger ones from others.​
Way to many Intel lga115x stock flimsy thingies as well.​
Supermicro X10SRH-CF for 100€
clearly visible is the PCB damage i got it with, and that i fixed by cleaning and then running wires that are now sealed under clear CA glue.
The SAS Controller was never used, i'm pretty certain it is working, though i had it disabled and i don't have SAS drives to test with as well.
It has been a trusted companion to me for at least two years now, that you can see with a V4 Xeon ES QHV8 12C 24T at 1.4GHz and about 60W TDP that is for sale separately as well, as a Noctua Narrow ILM NHU12S -i4 Cooler.

Be aware, Narrow ILM cooler requirement, and long-screw-damage capability.
The impi will be reset before shipping.
It currently runs a BIOS compatible with the Early V4 ES Cpus.
Might even have NVDimm support as far as i remember, the bios had options for it. Should check again if that is important.

Worked with QJ3K and QJ3N 8C V4 ES and up to 16GB Dual rank REG ECC, though be aware that those are picky and don't expect all 16GB sticks to work.
Above that was a big NOPE with the few sticks i have and could test with.
Square ILM and Holes in the PCB, so no chance at long-screw-damage

I don't have IOShields for those two, i repeat: NO IOSHIELDS.

EVGA X99 Mycro 2 - 1 for 50€

Got it with a dead VRM that i replaced fully. Meaning, all 6 IR3550M Powerstages and the IR Controller were replaced.
It has been working well ever since.Sadly I don't know why the VRM died in the first place and it isn't the first board i did that to so i technically can't guarantee a continued life or survival of the Board and CPU in a worst case scenario.
Though, i have no reason to suspect that it will explode tomorrow, or at any day that is. Wouldn't be selling it otherwise.

EVGA X99 Mycro 2 - 2 for 50€

Got it in the same lot as the other one and only had to fix a few ripped of smd parts, so no replaced VRM as on the other one.
Issue is that the Intel GBE is dead and a replacement is still dead.
So no networking unless through a USB Dongle or PCIe Nic.

Supermicro X10SBA-L Untested | not that dead, for the price of shipping.
Bought it as broken ages ago.
It turns on, and it throws around some postcodes.

Looking at it, i noticed the Small-print that NON-ECC DDR3 SODIMM with 1.35V is the only supported Ram.
And the one non ecc stick i have around and tested with, is a 1.5V only stick.
So it might very well be working and i just don't have the Ram around.
The project it was planed for got scraped and so you can try your luck?
I tried flashing the bios because that is the first easy thing, and i can't guarantee that worked out, a friend breadboarded together a levelshifter because it is a 1.8V bios chip.

Spare CPUs

Xeon E5 2628L early ES QHV8
Damaged Xeon E5 2628L early ES QHV8
Xeon E5 1620V3

DEAD Xeon E5 1650V3


I have a few to many Noctua coolers. 13 is to many, but how many are to few?
Noctua NH-U12DX-i4 Narrow and Square ILM capable cooler for LGA2011-X and 2066 for 40€
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Jul 11, 2017
Bumping because i guess it was time for that.
Changed the Title because i'm now selling more then just boards.

Added the Sodimm ecc.


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Jul 11, 2017
that is very interesting, have never seen sodimm with ECC
Well, the only niche use-case i know of and sadly have, are Supermicro C2000 itx Atom boards.
Those don't take non ECC Ram and additionally, don't support buffered ECC and because of space-constraints, have sodimm slots.
So niche of a niche i guess?

The trashcan MacPros use Sodimm Reg ECC aka Buffered i think.
Stuff like that is used, just not as common as everything else.

The very important detail is that the Sticks i have are unbuffered Ecc.

@sparx Shipping from germany.
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Apr 27, 2013
Happen to have any cpu Coolers for a 2011 narrow (i believe)

need it for a Dual xeon v2 box in a 2u case
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Jul 11, 2017
threw it on the bench without ram and a postcode-card and it still post.
does something like FF-19-??-53 BEEP BEEP BEEP
Which is good and should mean "no memory".

So i estimate the likelihood of it working with the right Memory to be pretty high.
gona try to get it shipped today ( Monday )
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