FS - 2019 Thread


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Mar 23, 2019
Not looking to buy at the moment. But I wanted to comment on the R2312GL4GS server. It has been my 2U storage system of choice for a couple of years now. I would dare to say that I like it more than either Dell R720xd or HP DL380p G8.

I do prefer having a separate SAS expander card over backplane integrated one. For example in my case I did not need RAID. So I just replaced the RMS25CB080 + RES2SV240 combo with a couple of those dirt cheap RMS25KB080 adapters. And if I would decide to upgrade to 12Gbps - the backplane would support that too.

Also the chassis is quiet. Or rather could be made quiet. Unlike other vendors Intel allows setting custom fan speed profiles in the BMC config.

So if anyone is looking for an inexpensive storage system I would recommend considering this one.