FlexRAID - Snapshot & Realtime RAID + JBOD Pooling


Jan 21, 2013
The arse end of the planet
Can someone please clarify if FlexRAID combo is actual aprity RAID or just a play on words.

FlexRAID webpage is missing any real tangible info and I refuse to trawl through forums getting misguided opinions when the Site should have these basic answers in the first place.

Looking for solution that does actual Parity rather than just mirroring data across two different drives. I am not in mood to waste 50% of storage capacity in 1+1 mirrors of data.

Performance is another area, no one seems to comment on how fast it is in read/write performance.....

Explain why a person would not just use Windows Storage Spaces or a hardware RAID card. Not interested in learning a new OS/platform like ZFS, so waste breath on it here.


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Nov 7, 2012
Boston, MA
I wrote a very long response that got wiped out by accident when i refreshed the page, so heres the short version:

FlexRAID is good for media storage that's not frequently updated. Write speed: Speed of the raw disk being written to. Read speed: Same.

Parity is calculated on a scheduled basis as opposed to doing it as the data is written to disk.

Ultimately the word flexibility is "why use this" as opposed to storage spaces/hardware RAID - as many drives of as many sizes as I want, without wasting anything more than one full disk worth of parity data.

If you're working with constantly changing data, take this off the list.