First Plex/Nas Build - Please help

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    Nov 15, 2017
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    Was going for a FreeNAS build with Plex Plugin. I wanted something pretty compact, quiet, with hot swap bays. I plan to use it mainly as a Plex Media Server with remote file access. IDK if the SAS/SATA cables are right to use with the MOBO or not, or if the case comes with cables that will work? The extension cables i added because i read in a thread that they make it easier to install in NSC-810A case. I like the NSC-810A case but i also found the ITX-S8 Mini-ITX case with 8 hot swap trays. Which would be better to build in for a first time builder? Do i have all the hardware that i will need? Thanks for your help.

    Build’s Name:
    First Plex/FreeNAS
    Operating System/ Storage Platform: FreeNAS/ZFS

    CPU: Xeon E3-1275 V5
    Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSL-CF-B Micro ATX LGA1151
    Chassis: U-NAS NSC-810A
    Drives: 8x 8TB Ironwolf 7200rpm, 1x 250gb WD Blue 2.5” SSD
    RAM: 32GB Kingston DDR4-2133 Unbuffered ECC (possible addition later)
    Power Supply: FSP Mini ITX Flex ATX 80+ Platinum 500 Watt (FSP700-80UEPB if build in ITX-S8 case)
    Other Bits: 2x Mini SAS/SATA cables, 24 pin extension cable, 8 pin extension cable, Phantom YoYo 40P dupont cable 200mm male to female, (do I need sata extension cables)

    Usage Profile: Back-ups, remote file access, Plex Media Server, possible VMs idk yet

    Other information…
    One can see more information on this build here.

    My Custom NAS - jelliott42's Saved Part List - Xeon E3-1275 V5 3.6GHz Quad-Core - PCPartPicker
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    Mar 10, 2016
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    I suspect the cables you want are the same ones I use, SFF-8087->4x SATA breakout cables. Something like this..

    Make sure you don't get a reverse breakout cable.

    I doubt you need SATA extensions with a 1M cable in a small chassis like that. They are plenty long for my Supermicro 847. I've never used either case you mention, so I can't really suggest anything on them. I'd be surprised if you need ATX and 12V extensions as well, but you might. It all depends on how everything fits together.

    The list looks reasonably complete though. If you can, I like to mirror the boot drive. But I also pick up used enterprise SSDs for about $20 for that use.
  3. TechNewbie92

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    Nov 15, 2017
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    I was planning on using a low profile flashdrive for the freenas os. And using 1 or 2 ssds for jail cache for plex and possible vm software.
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    Looks like you have made very good choices. I'm going to throw this in here just incase someone else comes along. Now that Plex supports hardware transcoding I would strongly consider a CPU with integrated graphics (Quick Sync) which it seems you have. Also as much as you read ECC is absolutely must have for ZFS read this and decide for yourself in case that changes your build ideas (I still use ECC). Also you may be able to get 8TB drives cheaper by shucking 8TB WD Easystore externals (See the Great Deals section)
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    There are several threads on this forum regarding building with this chassis. You will definitely need extensions for EVERY CABLE (24 and 8 pin power, 4 PIN HDD Power, and probably for the chassis front panel header as well. See the second thread which is my build log where everything is detailed.

    U-NAS NSC-810A mATX Chassis

    Zeus V2 : U-NAS NSC-810A | X10SL7-F | E3-1265 V3

    Like @StammesOpfer mentions, I definitely recommend going with a CPU with QuickSync. I am actually using Xeon E3-1275 V6 with an X11SSH-CTF motherboard for my main home server running plex in a VM with the iGPU passed through.

    Good Luck with the build.
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