FC Direct attachment between QLogic HBA and V5000

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Hi everyone,

I've been struggling a lot lately trying to configure a dual QLogic 2562 HBA (8Gbps), directly attached to an IBM Storwize V5000.

A brief of our architecture: 3 Lenovo servers running ESXi 7.0, connected to the V5000. 2 servers are using iSCSI directly, and one is using a FC direct host attachment, with an Emulex HBA card. That FC link works perfectly fine.
The problem starts when I try to connect a second server, using a QLogic HBA card, QLC2562. We've followed the IBM docs for configuring the card, updated the firmware, updated the ESXi drivers, but I can't get the storage controller to recognize the server nor vice-versa. I am able, though, to verify they "see" each other, like at some level the link is working, but not working enough to make the server see the LUNS. I'll attach some screenshots that will help illustrate what the problem.
From the ESXi standpoint, the card looks fine, online, but no targets (and LUNs) discovered. From the V5000, if I run the command "lsportfc", there is a connection in the right ports for both controllers, as it should be, but I can't see those as port candidates to add to a host (and volumes) (see attachments).

IBM Doc: Configuring the QLogic HBA for hosts running the VMware operating system - IBM Documentation

I must say I'm no expert on FC technology, I'm just trying to make better use of our current architecture. The other FC card was not used before, and I needn't any special config to make it work, just plugged it in and configure the ports in the V5000 ui.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Hopefully some of you can give me some advice on what to try next.